The 28th annual Margaret Breen Tournament
Congratulations to our 2020 Champions: Team Dawson

Back row: Jason Dalton, Mike Fudge, Paul Kelly, Bob White
Front Row: Rod Budgell, Mark Dawson, Shawn Arnold (Finals MVP)

Congratulations to Marco Construction for winning the 2018-2019 Metro Basketball League Championship

1st Row L-R Andrew Vokey, Jason Guy
2nd Row L-R John Rowe, Earl Hann, Brad Drover (Finals MVP), Adam Smith, Sean Walsh, Roy Lewis, Metro President-Rod Budgell

Congratulations to M5
winners of the 27th annual 2019 Margaret Breen Memorial Basketball tournament

1st Row L-R Shawn Arnold, Jason Reynolds (Finals MVP), Darryl Kenny, Ryan Osbourne
2nd Row L-R Rod Budgell, Steve Torraville, Jason Morris, Mike Fudge, Mark Dawson, Kris Ivany

Congratulations to Chislett Whitten Law for winning the 2017-2018 Metro Basketball League Championship

Front Row L-R: Steve Gosse, Jeff Cluney, Lincoln Addison
Back Row L-R: Rod Budgell-League President, Steve Hedderson, Paul Morgan (C), Emanual Kolawole, Jason Morris, Colin McNeil (Finals MVP), Bruce Chislett- Team Sponsor

Congratulations to Dr. Leslie Moss,Professional Medical Corporation
winners of the 26th annual 2018 Margaret Breen Memorial Basketball tournament

front row (left to right): Gary King, Paul Byrne, Mike Pope, Brian Kielly, John Madden, Ken Forward
back row (left to right): Craig Manning, Chad Jarvis, Mark Squires(tournament MVP),Steve Burden,Dave Kielly

Congratulations to Atlantic Woodworking for winning the 24th annual Magaret Breen Memorial Tournament

Front (L-R) Mark Squires, Brent Snook, Jason Ryan (MVP), Ken Forward, Daryl Budgell
Back (L-R) Bob Winsor, Doug Furlong, Rhodi Nichol, Bruce Helm, Wayne Button, Ig Parsons
Missing from photo - Richard Coombs

Metro Basketball champs 2016-17 M5 Communications

Front (L-R) Mark Dawson Daryl Kenny
Back (L-R) Mike Fudge(Playoffs MVP) Paul Byrne Bill Hurley jr Jeff Locke Rod Budgell Paul Kelly Sean Fitzgerald

"Last year, January of 2017, I had the pleasure of sitting with two gentlemen,
Metro League Hall of Famers Mike Martin on my right , and Gordon Breen on my left ...
I was fifteen years old officiating the Metro Basketball League
and these two people not only taught me about basketball,
they taught me about life."
- Fred Wakeham

Metro Basketball champs 2014-15 Atlantic Woodworking

Back row (l-r): Bob Winsor(coach), John McEvoy, Bruce Helm, Richard Coombs, Iggy Parsons, Daryll Budgell, Douglas Furlong
Front row (l-r): Rhodie Nichol, Paul Simmons, Ken Forward
Missing from photo - Chris Bunleon

Players & officials involved in last Metro game
played at Bishops College Gym


23rd annual Margaret Breen Memorial Champs
Humphrys Restaurant and Pub


Front row (l-r): Conrad Freake, Gord Breen, Brad Drover
Back row (l-r): Jeremy Whittle, John Rowe, Shawn Searle, Robert Evans, Justin Lane, Walter Guerra


Championship Plaque

Katie Breen, Shawn Searle, Larry Breen, John Rowe, Kevin Fitzpatrick


MVP 2015 Margaret Breen Tournament

Katie Breen, Brad Drover, Larry Breen, Kevin Fitzpatrick


Presidents Award - 2015

Robin Short receiving the Presidents Award from Metro Basketball League President, Kevin Fitzpatrick

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