"History of the Metro Basketball League"

This is the Metro Basketball League's 50th season. The league got its start in the early 1970's when some baseball players were looking for some sort of recreation to pass the winter months. The driving forces behind its inception were Gordon Breen (Mr. Baseball), Mike Martin & Robin Short Sr., from its meager beginning to the finely tuned league that exists today. The league owes its existence to Gordon Breen. Mr. Breen put an extraordinary  amount of dedication into the league. This is not an easy task for an individual to commit to. From running the everyday duties of the league, which included the high points and some low points, Mr. Breen endured all!!

Gordon Breen was inducted into the N.L.B.A. Hall of Fame, in the builder category in April of 1999.The Executive of the Metro League nominated him. He was quite deserving of this honor of induction. 

For several years the Metro Basketball League was not affiliated with the Provincial Basketball Association. The league was known as a renegade league. Several players wanted to play in provincial tournaments so the league became affiliated with the N.L.B.A. about twenty-four years ago. Hundreds of players have played in the league, which has operated for two/three nights per week from September to May for the past 45  years!    

The league provides the opportunity for players to participate in an enjoyable but competitive basketball environment, where playing is more important than winning. Originally, the league catered to players in the 30-35 plus age group, but as the league expanded it was necessary to let some "younger players" get involved.

The league uses a draft system to ensure that all teams are fairly competitive. Sponsors are a very important part of any organization. The Metro Basketball League has been very fortunate over the years. Most all teams have had sponsors & some, like Molson Brewery, have been around since the league started. 

Twenty-four years ago the league started its own annual tournament. This tournament is called "The Margaret Breen  Memorial ". This tournament is named after the late wife of Gordon Breen.  We felt that it was fitting that we call the tournament after Gordon's wife, because of his efforts & devotion to the league & his wife's commitment to him. 

The Metro Basketball League has a strong executive with a President, Treasurer/Convener & one representative from each team. With the efforts and devotion of these individuals & a strong history, it is safe to say that the Metro Basketball League will be around for many years to come.

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Player History


The Metro Basketball League has been providing the game of Basketball to hundreds of people for four decades in the St. John’s area. As we enter our 45th  year of play, we would like to show our gratitude to those players who have been a part of our league for all these years. You are all part of the History of Metro and the main reason why so many can still enjoy the game of Basketball today. On behalf of the executive and all the players in Metro today,  Thank you for the Heritage you have given to us.

>We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Graham Goobie to the Metro Basketball League.
Graham was the official scorekeeper and statistician from the mid 70's to late in the 80's......
Thanks Graham.

Peter Abbott, Bill Abbott, Derek Andrews, Joe Ashley, Tom Al, 
Paul Alcok, Trevor Avery, Gerry Allen, Mike Anstey, Don Ash

Gordon Breen, Chris Bailey, Pat Barron, Bob Benson, Paul Bennett, Lance Barney, Roger Bill, Tony Biles
Eric Best, Noel Breen, Randy Bishop, Paul Baird, Frank Butler, Al Ballard, Rick Barrett, Larry Breen, Aubrey Brenton
Len Baker, Keith Benoit, Pat Boland, Ian Bailey, Neil Benson, Scott Brett, Gord Breen, Rod Budgell, Richard Blackmore
Daryl Budgell, Tom Brewer, Sean Barry, George Bishop, Kevin Baldwin, Frank Berkshire, Steve Benson, Bruce Brenton
Chris Bunleon, Charles Barker, Wayne Bartlett, Dean Branton, Matt Bramwell, Mike Bannister, Ray Bennett

Eric Carroll, Jeff Clarke, Hugh Connolly, Dave Colbert, Carl Crowley, Gus Crotty, Lloyd Clarke, Gordon Carew, Allan Carew, Wayne Churchill,
Keith Churchill, Nels Carter, Reg Carson, Keith Clarke, Tom Clift, Don Castle, Galen Campbell, Jan Cowan, Jerome Collins, Rob Chow, Dave Chow,
Bob Clouter, Sean Conroy, Darren Colombe, Dave Cobb, Tim Cobb, Clyde Clarke, Ross Crocker, Mike Carew, Bruce Chislett, Charles Barker
Boyd Chislett, Dave Colford, Dave Chafe, Bob Clouter, Rick Coombs, Shawn Churchill, Tom Callahan, Garth Campbell, Roger Crane

Ted Dawe, Rob Dornan, John Dinn, Paul Dinn, Derek Daniels, Al Duncombe, Ed Donnovan,
Roland Dawe, Ben Dunn, Wish Downey, Ed Denief, Norm Dimmel, Kevin Donahue, Greg Drost,
Craig Dawe, Roy Daley, John Dawe, Sean Dawe, Alf Dyck, Kerry Donovan, Jason Dalton, John Doody, Brad Drover

Alex English (deceased), Mike Emberly, Rick Eddy, Ed Evans, Dennis English, Terry Ennis, Joe Earles

Richard Fuchs, Paul Fitzgerald, Larry Felt, Paul Facey, Bill Fitzgerald, James Friel, John Fahey,
John Fisher, Rick Fifield, Colin Forward, Rick Forrestal, Ed Fancy, Sean Fitzgerald, Ken Forward, Kevin Fitzpatrick
Leo Fitzpatrick, Doug Furlong, Ron Fahey, Mark Fahey, Conrad Freake, Terry Follett, Andrew Facey

Peter Gulliver, Bren Galway, Bob Gulliver, Chris Griffin {deceased}, Bill Gillespie, Jim Gaultos, Tony Griffits, Graham Goobie {scorekeeper},
Mike Gallivan, Phil Griffits, Jim Gaulton(deceased), Phil Grey, Mike Gough, Phil Graham, Mike Gould, Dexter Gillard, Bob Gosse, Wally Guerra, Steve Gosse

Gerard Horan, Bill Hudson, Harry Husk, Bill Hryniw, Roy Howell, Keith Hunt, Brian Hedderson, Dave Hanrahan, Jim Hodder,
Tom Healey, Bob Healey, Marshall Hewitt, John Hamilton, Gerry (Dick) Humby(deceased), Ray Hawco, Paul Hickey
Gary Halleran, Tom Hughes, Paul Heffernan, Darryl Hodder, Andrew Hickey, Bill Hurley Jr., Darcy Hallett, Brad Hutton, Bruce Helm

Charlie Innes

Cecil Joy, Joe Jansen, Doug Jewer, Larry Jones, Randy Jones, Ron Johnson

George Kirkland, Dave Kirkland, Dave Kirby, John Kavanagh, Doug King, Greg Kealey, Brother Derm King,
Rick Kirby, Paul Kelly, Roy Knoechel, Doug Kirby, Darryl Kenny, Lee Kenny, Brian Kielly, Dave Kielly

Dave Lane, Dave Lively, Sam Lee, Lorne Legrow, Doug Lewis, Doug Lilly, Justin Lane, Tom Lester

Ed Martin, Ed Manning, Mike Martin, Mike Martin jr, Paul Myrden, Neil Moores, Paul Moores, John Murphy, Gord Moffat,
Dan McInnis, Al Miller, Roger Melendy, Gary Moore, Randy Mcniven, Bill Murphy, Bren Mcnamara, Brother K Murphy,
Kevin Mullaly, Dave Martin, Kent Manderville, Tom Molloy, Ian Mercer, Jim MacInnis, John Mate, Frank March, Denis Martin,
Rob Menchenton, John McEvoy, Jason Morris, Paul Morgan, Craig Manning, Charlie McCarthy, Jason Mitchell, Wayne Muise

Glen Nolan, Paul Nolan, Dave Noseworthy, Rick Noseworthy, Bruce Nolan, Barry Noonan, Neil Norman, Jason Noel, Rhodie Nichol

Bren O’Brien, Kevin O’Leary, Shannon O’Keefe, Ed O’Brien, John Oates, Terry O'Reilly,
Dave O'Reilly, Dave Osmond

Pat Perry, Paul Power (Deceased), Ignatius Parsons, Jan Peddle, Mike Power, John Pye(deceased), John Penney, Kent Pilgrim,
Craig Parsons, Glenn Pennman, Jason Power, Tony Pretty, Dan Philpott, Don Peters, Don Pike, Kevin Power, John Pitman,
Gerry Puddister, Johnny Power, Mike Provencher, Leon Peddle, Steve Philips (deceased), Jason Power, Andy Pyne, Bob Parsons, Trevor Puddister

Rudy Rumsey, Bernarnd Reddy, Gerry Reddy, John Rympka, Tony Re, Wayne Randell, Doug Rex, Bruce Reid,
Joe Ryan, Andy Rowe, Bob Ryan, Randy Royle, Paul Roberts, Paul Rowe, Jim Reid, Clay Reimer,
Todd Ricketts, Keith Ryan, Ed Reddick, Jim Ross, John Rowe, Jason Ryan, Randy Ryan, Jon Rose

Duffy Sorenson, Dave Sorenson, Robin Short (Deceased), Kevin Sullivan, John Simms(deceased), Dennis Smith, Kevin Sharpe,
Wayne Sharpe, Jim Sweeney, Tom Syster, Doug Simms, Roger Samson, Glenn Stacey, Keith Sheppard, Kent Smedbol,
Dan Squires, George Sorensen, Jack Sargent, Keith Storey, Greg Stamp, Dwight Sparkes, Raj Sharan, Bill Sharpe,
Ray Sutton, Paul Simmons, Shawn Searle, Paul Stanford, Brent Snook, Chris Smith, Jake Stanford, John Saunders,
Art Sullivan, Bill Skanes, Todd Smith, Dave Smith, Dave Shears, Jeff Slaney

Bob Tilley, Fred Thorne, Bill Tucker,Barry Tucker, Norm Tobin, Les Thistle, Cal Tobin, Max Tobin

Nick Vinnicombe, Kris Veins

Herb White, Jerome Walters, Rod White, John Williams, Bob Walsh, Mike Walsh, Mike Wilson, George Woolgar
C.P. Williams, Dave Wall sr., Dave Wall jr, Fred Wood, Dan Wadland, Doug Woolgar, Ken White, Gerard White
Soon Wong, Sean Wong, John Whitten, Scott Waddleton, Bob Winter, Barry White, Paul Whittle (deceased)
Bob Whelan, Jason White, Albert Woodford, Bob Winsor, Jason Wickham, Jeremy Whittle, Frank Walsh

Harold Young, Craig Young

Ed Zwicker, Andy Zarins

A further list of names will be added shortly. If you know of anyone we have missed, please contact us, or if some of the spellings are not correct.

Thank You/// Kevin Fitzpatrick– Ig Parsons

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