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Welcome to the home page of the Metro Basketball League.
The 2015-16 season will be the 45th year for the league.

Congratulations to Atlantic Woodworking for winning the 2015-2016 Metro Basketball League Championship

Front (L-R) Rhodi Nichol - Doug Furlong - Ken Forward - Daryll Budgell
Back (L-R) Richard Coombs - Mark Squires - Bruce Helm - Ig Parsons
Missing from photo - Jason Ryan - Brent Snook

Metro Basketball Championship Game April 26th, 2016
Final ScoreTop ScorersSeries (best of 3)
Atlantic Woodworking 56 M5 33AW Mark Squires 16 Richard Coombs 12 Bruce Helm 11 Ken Forward 10
M5 Mark Dawson 16
AW wins 2-1

Congratulations to Atlantic Woodworking for winning the 24th annual Magaret Breen Memorial Tournament

Front (L-R) Mark Squires, Brent Snook, Jason Ryan (MVP), Ken Forward, Daryl Budgell
Back (L-R) Bob Winsor, Doug Furlong, Rhodi Nichol, Bruce Helm, Wayne Button, Ig Parsons
Missing from photo - Richard Coombs

Tournament summary courtesy of thesportspage.ca.

Snow Storm Policy

The following is our guideline and policy for snow storms. NL weather always causes a couple of cancellations each year and this is how decisions are made:
  • Metro Executive will make a decision by 4:00PM the day of - depending on current conditions and forecasted conditions from several medias.
  • An email will be sent by 4:00PM to league members if games are cancelled.
  • A post will be made on the league web site that will state if games are cancelled or not.
  • No post and no email means that games are going ahead.
Power Plex - If the Power Plex remains open, then any games there go ahead. Power Plex closes if federal buildings close; not provincial.

Waterford Valley High - If the school closes for any reason, the games there are cancelled as per school board policy.

We would like to thank all the sponsors who make it possible for the league to exist. We hope this site will be useful to players and all other visitors.

Feel free to send feedback, comments, suggestions, etc.