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Welcome to the home page of the Metro Basketball League.
The 2016-17 season will be the 46th year for the league.

Metro Basketball Results December 1st, 2016
Final ScoreTop Scorers
M5 52 Fougere Menchenton Architects 45 M5 Paul Byrne 16 Jeff Locke 12
FMA Daryll Kenny 14
Swilers 66 acwlaw 43Swilers Gerald Dooley 22 Paul Nolan 17 Corey Freake 10
acwlaw Leon Peddle 17
Sundance 55 Team Kielly 50 (OT)Sundance Adam Smith 24 John Rowe 17
TK John Madden 23 Brian Kielly 13

We would like to thank all the sponsors who make it possible for the league to exist. We hope this site will be useful to players and all other visitors.

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